Sculptural Sound Installation | Lisa Kohl

Volkspark Gallery | Germany | 2021

The sculptural Sound Installation STOWAWAY symbolizes as its starting point the personal account of a blind passenger on his escape in a ship container. This barely tangible exceptional situation is translated into an acoustic-spatial zone, which leads the audience to its own limits of perception and breaking points.

Exhibition view of STOWAWAY | Volkspark Gallery | Germany | 2021 | Graduate Promotion of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design | Container plates | Steel chains | Low-tone loudspeakers with infrasonic generation

Collaboration with the Sound Designer Sören Schenk

© Max Mendez

I: Tell me about your passage.

Blindpassenger: I have tried to cross the sea to reach the other side of the land.

I: How did you go about it?

Blindpassenger: Imagine a dark space, like a black box.

I: What did you see?

Blindpassenger: Nothing.

I: What did you hear?

Blindpassenger: Nothing.

I: How could you find the exit?

Blindpassenger: There was no exit.

I: How could it be passable?

Blindpassenger: Nothing is impassable.

I: You mean impossible.

Blindpassenger: No impassable. Nothing is impossible.